Some Other Things

In May 1961, American choreographer Simone Forti presented Five Dance Constructions and Some Other Things. An audience, gathered in Yoko Ono’s famous loft on Chambers Street, New York, witnessed a kind of movement installation in which dance exists in a space above conventional stage-audience division – the way object exists in an art gallery space.

Przemek Kamiński appropriates Forti’s idea, recycles and reinterprets the original choreographic material. He creates his own dance constructions, focusing on the materiality of action, rather than potential narrative associations. Performers and simple objects occupy the same space and engage in similar kinds of movements: waving, sliding, rolling, squeezing, crushing, dropping, and hanging.

In a very subtle manner, the performance "Some Other Things" depicts (…) issues with contemporary choreography and sculpture: relationality - to space, audience, material (body, object, matter) and context. (…) Was it a critique of the tradition established by her [Simone Forti] and the Judson Dance Theatre? If so, it relied on minimum shifts and subtle doubts about development directions set by postmodern dance, as well as issues of memory and reconstruction. In the end, the title of Kamiński’s work focuses not on dance constructions, but precisely on "some other things”.

Magdalena Kownacka, "Methodologies of work and display strategies.
Relations between contemporary sculpture and choreography", Back to the Future Publication


Some Other Things
2014, performance, duration variable

Choreography: Przemek Kamiński 
Performance: Przemek Kamiński, Sonja Pregrad
Sound: Bartosz Dziadosz Pleq 
Video: Robert Mleczko 
Special thanks to: Mateusz Szymanówka, Katarzyna Słoboda

Production: Labirynt Gallery

Photos: Grzegorz Karkoszka