THEREAFTER is a pseudo-documentary film that captures two protagonists dwelling in the imaginary landscape. It is speculation about a place that exists in a parallel universe, in a distant future, long after contemporary society has collapsed. While wandering, roaming and manoeuvring therein, they experience a series of phantasmic encounters. They gradually discover features of the landscape and commit to a place where green is greener than ever before.

Set in green, and set within a landscape, choreography dissolves, softens, loses its outlines. At the same time, it sharpens the senses, which arm the body. The body is where choreography draws maps of pleasure which reconfigure with each new experience. Choreography steps outside the circumference of the rational and the tabulated, heading towards imagination; towards that which has yet to be thought, but is already being sensed. And yet, I am not seeking to pit opposites against each other. The territories choreography enters are no less real; they exist, they are alive. Green stands for the pulsing of the earth and the oceans; it is a concoction of light / sun and water / sky. Entering a landscape of green enables us to abandon the familiar and become part of a process that is vitality – in other words, change.

Katarzyna Słoboda, "Melting into the Landscape. Some Thoughts on Przemek Kamiński’s Chromatic Choreographies", K3 Magazin


2021, film, 38 min

Choreography: Przemek Kamiński
Creation & Performance: Julia Plawgo, Przemek Kamiński
Music, Recording & Mixing: Zosia Hołubowska
Mastering Supervision & Mastering: Dino Spiluttini
Text: Billy Morgan
Voice: Alex Franz Zehetbauer
Cinematography & Editing: Janne Ebel
Light Design: Aleksandr Prowaliński
Graphic Design: Joseph Botcherby
Production Assistance: Charlotte Pfingsten
Technical Direction: Robert Fass, Till Dittmar, Boris Heiland

Production: K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg
Funded by: Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

Film stills: Janne Ebel